One really cool brand movie. millions of assets.

PrestaShop is not any e-commerce platform. It’s huge. So its recent rebranding led to an enormous challenge: a complete brand transformation, across all marketing formats for their flagship products in very, very little time. Together, we did it, ensuring a seamless experience for their billion users, right on time. To reinforce the brand's notoriety and edge, we also crafted a video that kept users flowing to the website.

Key Performance Indicator



  • 3M impressions

    Just for the DOOH


    in ten days, nationally

  • VOTD Trophy

    Motion Design awards


Brand content

Success for Prestashop’s first DOOH.
Big reveal. Tight deadline. All good.

Asset co-branding with Google, Paypal, Meta, Oney...

“A tailor-made creative experience and a project mastered from start to finish. We were able to fully embody our new brand platform on our PrestaShop essentials.”

“Your flexibility and agility enabled us to absorb the heavy workload and our additional demands, all without the slightest impact on our side.”

“The teams' creativity and technical expertise brought our vision to life in an exceptional way. What really sets Vendredi Society apart is their commitment to excellence.”


Caroline Baussan


Valentine Boucher


Emmanuelle Paolasini